Greetings everyone!

This is the page where you will find a full list of all the rules that you are expected to abide by or punishment will follow.

However, most of these are general guidelines that apply to every other wiki and the admins will not follow them too strictly which means harsh punishment won't be given unless it is deemed necessary by the admins depending on what rule was broken and if the specific user has a history of breaking rules and refusing to improve their behavior.

The punishments delivered for rule breaking will, as mentioned, depend on the severity of the rule being broken but usually punishment will follow a general method of a user being warned for their first offence and then kicked or possibly even banned for continued rule breaking with the time of the latter two punishments being decided by the admins. It should also be noted that pages can be deleted by admins if deemed necessary, especially in the case of a banned user.

Always remember that you can contact any of the listed admins if you have any questions, whether it be about these rules or other matters, and make sure to still have plenty of fun! Thanks for checking these rules out!

P.S. Note that all rules still apply to the admins so don't be afraid to report an admin that has been abusing the rules.


1. No Vandalism

  • This means making bad edits of any kinds on any pages that belong to other users, at least without their prior permission, or pages such as this page or the main page which should only be edited by admins. An exception of this can be made under humorous occasions, such as April Fools, but permission is still required.

2. No Disrespectful Behavior

  • This means you should always be both civil and respectful of other users. This rule also applies to matters such as excessive use of profanity, being discriminate in ways such as racism or homophobia and harassment such as trolling which are all also not allowed and will be punished for disrupting the wiki.

3. No Explicit Sexual Nature

  • This means including detailed scenes in your stories that revolve around or pertain to sexual nature which aren't allowed on fandom. Suggestive scenes are allowed but anything written that is too NSFW will be removed.

4. No Spamming

  • This means the spamming of any area on this wiki with too many comments or edits at one time which can disrupt the flow of the wiki and make it hard for other users to find recent edits other than your own so try to keep in mind to not make a lot of edits all in one go and to spread them out across periods of time.

5. No Spoilers

  • This means you should try to avoid spoiling other users in any form which means even if the spoilers are in relation to off-wiki fictions. A obvious exception to this is when the user being spoiled has requested such but one must still be wary of other users on the wiki and try to pass the spoilers along via personal message (PM) in the chat.

6. No Plagiarizing

  • This means trying not to copy the works of another user and trying to instead be more original with your own story ideas. The obvious exception of this is that fanfiction is allowed on this wiki and, while most of this is fanfiction of official works of fiction, fanfiction of other user stories can be done if allowed by the original writer who wrote the story and credit to this original writer should also always be given in the process of doing so.

7. Creating Blogs

  • This rule is more of general tips if you desire to create blogs. Do not create more blogs than necessary, always make sure a blog relating to the topic you wish to discuss hasn't already been made and try to keep it both relevant and worthy of being made. Any blogs that do not follow these tips can be removed by the admins.



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