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Welcome to the 141 Fiction's wikia where all stories come to grow! The purpose of this wiki is mainly to be a place where writers and readers alike can either write or read all these stories (or both) and hang out together as friends while doing so! It will always be updating and getting improved over a period of time in order to adapt to more people joining it or a few things overall changing and so be warned of the little mess that you will find.

Don't worry too much about all that though, just follow all of our rules and both you and your stories will find a new home to write within in no time!

P.S. Check out the welcome blog post on the right for more details on general things around here.

The Status Examples

When browsing through some of the stories on this site, you will find that they involve character pages which use boxes to show the current status of the characters such as alive and dead. For the sake of being neat, all stories will use the same color coded statuses which are :


However, not all of these pages will use this exact same set up and some statuses might be referred to under a different name than the names shown above in some cases. These cases are :

Falling Skies where the controlled status is referred to as harnessed.

The 100 where the controlled status is used for the chipped and hosted.


Here's where random promotions of stuff on this wiki will go.

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The Rules

1. Always Be Respectful To Others

2. Involve No Explicit Sex Scenes

3. Only Create Worthy Blog Posts

4. Do Not Provide Spoilers Of Anything

5. Don't Do Too Many Edits At Once

6. Only Use One Account On This Wiki

7. Don't Use Curses Outside Of Stories

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